Lirik Lagu Kelly Clarkson – Someone

Kelly Clarkson - Kelly Clarkson - Someone Album Cover

Lirik Lagu Kelly Clarkson - Someone

So this is my apology
For saying all those shitty things
I wish I really didn't mean
I'm sorry, I'm not sorry
You had your red flags up and raised
More traffic than east LA
But I drove in anyway
My common sense on holiday
People fall out of face, we were a crash course
We will just be a place stuck on your passport
You travel to sometime
But I hope you will find

Someone to cry for, someone to try for
Someone to turn your crooked roads into her streets
Someone to fight for, someone to die for
Someone whose arms will hold you tight enough to be
The reason you breathe
Be the reason you breathe

We stay in love like vacation homes
You're like summers on the sunny coast
But when the cold needs a winter coat
You say you will until you don't
You wore a compass around your neck
A different north than we ever read
Well did you get where you're going yet?
Wish you the worst, wish you the best
I don't know how I fell into your rearview
Paralyzed, lullaby, I couldn't hear you
So I hope you were right
And next to you tonight, there's...


So this is my apology
For saying all those shitty things
I wish I really didn't mean
Sorry, I'm not sorry

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